barrel aged by karl malone

The Cigar

After years of traveling to the Dominican Republic, Karl was introduced to the La Aurora family through a mutual friend.  After about three years developing a respect and bond with one another, the families decided it was time for Karl to create his own cigar, Barrel Aged by Karl Malone.

Under the supervision of Mr. Guillermo Leon, President of La Aurora Cigars, as well as Mr. Gustavo Velayos, Sales and Marketing Director of La Aurora Cigars, Karl started the process from the ground up. The first step was hitting the tobacco fields to get an understanding of the cigar construction process. Enter Master Blender for La Aurora Cigars, Mr Manuel Inoa. After walking the fields with Karl and exposing him to all aspects of the process, Manuel and Karl started the blending process. Manuel would create 50 different cigar blends and label each of the cigars. He'd provide them to Karl and send him off to taste.  Karl relayed tasting notes for each of the cigars back to Manuel.  After each session, Manuel would use Karl's notes to eliminate the blends that did not fit the profile Karl had selected. Manuel would then repeat the process and rearrange and re-number the cigars to narrow his preferences and get a full tasting approval for the blend Karl and Manuel were looking for. This process continued over the course of nearly two years until the cigar we have today, Barrel Aged by Karl Malone, was created.  

We hope you enjoy our cigar as well as the journey it has taken us to arrive here. Thank you for stopping by and as always "Smokem' if Ya Gotem!"

Tobacco Process

The tobaccos are aged six years bulk.   Next, all of the tobacco, except for the wrapper, are aged in rum barrels for six months to acquire the aromatic notes of the toasted wood that infuse into the product. At this stage the the cigars are hand-crafted once ready they remain in the aging room for another 3-month period to help further deepen the flavors. At this point they are quality checked and sent to boxing.


Tasting Notes 

The cigars have a rotund start with a predominance of black pepper spice notes, that open up to give way to flavors that are more complex and delicate. The presence of wood is evident during the entire smoke because of the rich, brilliant strokes of cinnamon, dried fruits and, including, critical points. Its finish is potent and creamy, at the height of a demanding smoke.


 Cigar anatomy: 

• Wrapper: Ecuador

• Binder: Ecuador

• Filler: Three types of tobacco are hailing from the following countries: Peru, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua


• Churchill (7 x 47) Box of 25 

• Belicoso (6 1/4 x 52) Box of 25

• Robusto (5 x 50) Box of 25

• Sumo Toro (5 3/4 x 54) Box of 20

Strength grade: 

• 8 / 10


The Barrel Aged by Karl Malone cigar was featured in the locker room of the Nation Champion LSU  Tigers!